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Speyside Tours realise that Scotch whisky has groups of fans all over the world. If your group are coming to Speyside we can take you to places off the usual trail of distillery tours. We have formed good relationships with some of the lesser known distilleries to provide some great experiences. Some examples of what we can do is

Blending Masterclass: How does the masterblender get every bottle of their 16yr old to taste the same? This is the question that prompted the creation of this tour! This is unique to Speyside Tours and we are really excited to launch this for 2017. This is aimed at whisky clubs/groups and allows you to meet a master blender, have a go at blending and marrying and to really get a feel for what a typical day of a masterblender is. This tour will also include a brief distillery tour and tasting. This tour is not available at weekends.

Maturation Masterclass: Independent bottlers are everywhere and when we go to these traditional dunnage warehouses of a local broker and independent bottler we will be able to see at firsthand the importance of the cask. Every finish you could think of under one roof!

Brewery Tours: Craft breweries are in abundance and we have our fair share in Speyside. They are passionate artisans who will go to any lengths to create the perfect beer. Sometimes they are quirky, sometimes they are a bit crazy but it is always very interesting. Tastings included - obviously!

Whisky & Golf Package: Whisky and Golf are the perfect marriage, well what doesn't go with whisky? Andrew will take you to a local golf course and will pair that course with the offerings from a local distillery. Andrew is able to offer some tuition if required, clubs and transport.

The Gourmet Picnic with Whisky Pairings: We don't do sandwiches! Beautiful setting and great food. Lots of people say local, lots of people say homemade, lots of people don't mean it. We do!

Cask Purchase: I was often asked about buying a cask, I have built up a small network of folks so let me know and we can arrange meetings and tastings.

Whisky Collections: What better than to go into a local's attic and view a very special whisky collection. A treasure trove of rare and peculiar bottlings. Charlie might even sell you a miniature - for the right price!

9 Seater minibus: Perfect for groups. Large boot space for luggage, whisky or golf clubs! Larger groups can also be catered for.