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Customised Days of Whisky


The Speyside region is world famous for its Whisky industry. Speyside Tours arranges days of Speyside distillery tours, sometimes 3 in a day. Obviously we provide the transport! The distillery tours we arrange are often exclusive and in our opinion the best in Speyside . We like to include some of the more unusal distilleries and some activities that are unique to us, i.e. Gourmet picnic with whisky pairings, Maturation Masterclass, Blending Masterclass, hillwalking in illicit whisky country.

MATURATION MASTERCLASS: This is if you have done enough distillery tours and fancy something different. We visit some Speyside dunnage warehouses, these are being managed by an independent bottler. You will see many unusal casks, with the number of different finishings sure to amaze and intrigue! The tour is provided by the warehouse manager - it is great. I am very proud of it but don't want too many people to know about it!

BLENDING MASTERCLASS: How does the masterblender get every bottle of their 16yr old to taste the same? This is the question that prompted the creation of this tour! This is unique to Speyside Tours and is aimed at whisky clubs/groups and allows you to meet a master blender, have a go at blending and marrying and to really get a feel for what a typical day of a masterblender is. This tour will also include a brief distillery tour and tasting. This tour is not available at the weekends.