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Picnics & Local Food....


Scotland has an abundance of wonderful fresh ingredients all harvested from its plentiful wild larder. Well why is it that I often hear tourists complain that the food in Scotland is so bad. Instead of fresh local food you have to be satisfied with macaroni cheese, a dried up steak or you end up having fish and chips!

We at Speyside Tours decided to get the appropriate certfiication to serve our infamous picnics. All fresh, all local, all homemade! If you are with me for day tours I will always try and include a picnic for you - I just can't guarantee the weather!


We at Speyside Tours have tried and tested many restaurants and food providers in the area to ensure that while you are in Speyside you will not be disppointed by the cuisine. We will not only recommend the best of our nearby restaurants but also have contacts who can provide the freshest seafood, venison and small game for you and your party if you are self catering.


A unique concept we have here in Dufftown is Whisky Icecream, many varieties of hand made whisky icecream are available at Balvenie Icecream. Not just Dufftown's own Balvenie and Glenfiddich but there is a Talisker and Highland Park too. If you are on one of my tours you will receive a money off voucher for the shop - just in case you haven't had enough whisky! Balvenie Icecream